Welcome to the official web site of the Florida Netroots Coalition, a caucus of the Florida Democratic Party. We’re connecting Democratic activists and officials with the technology, skills, and people needed to make the most of their political endeavors.

We’re here to assist you. If you need assistance with any online activity, contact us and we’ll see what we can do help out.

We support DECs, clubs, candidates, and activists who are interested in helping promote the Democratic Party agenda. Of course, we need your help as well, so if you can, help us out by joining us or donating to our cause, so we can afford to promote the online Democratic community and train people in the use of online resources.

We’re planning training sessions at this year’s Jefferson-Jackson event in Miami Beach the weekend of May 30th and our annual Netroots Awards presentation in the fall. Take part in designing our sessions or be the first to see our curriculum by joining our discussion group. Special thanks to our friends who are looking for the best shared hosting solutions and helping us a lot.

Michael Calderin
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